Money Back Policy

Here at, we are customer-oriented, and we do our best to ensure our customers receive a paper that meets their exact requirements.

A refund request is a final stage when customers are not happy with the final product. We seek to discuss with our customers why they believe the final version of their paper to be low-quality. As such, we have a procedure to follow for refund requests. These are intended to expedite the process and make it easy for both our customers and us to reach a consensus.

It is possible to avoid a refund request by ensuring accurate and specific instructions are given upon ordering a paper. Typically, refunds are requested due to a misunderstanding of poor communication at the start.

Customers can message the support team or their writer at any point in the order process if they need help.

General Conditions

A full refund will be issued if:

  1. You are accidentally charged twice for a service
  2. If you place identical orders and pay for them all
  3. If a writer isn’t assigned to you
  4. If you ask to cancel your order before you are assigned a writer.

All other situations need to go through a thorough investigation by our Dispute Management Department. You will be contacted by the Dispute Manager within 24 business hours after placing your request.

Criteria for accepting investigations:

  1. The client accepts the paper at least once even with multiple revisions (partial refund possible up to 50%). NB. The customer receives the draft version of their essay in PDF format. When they click ‘accept’ they gain ownership of the document. This means they also believe the work to be acceptable according to their expectations and specifications.
  2. The client requests a refund because of disapproval or comments by their professor. In this case, we need feedback from the professor with sections highlighted when things aren’t correct in order to have a viable refund claim.

To provide this, the client needs to request a written explanation from their professor or teacher about what wasn’t done correctly, and which criteria haven’t been met for the written paper.

  1. The client doesn’t receive the paper on time. If your paper is delivered late, we will payout according to the Time Delivery Distance. This amount is calculated after an investigation by the Dispute Management department. It is based on the initial service price for the deadline.

NB. This is a rare occurrence. Cases like this often arise due to poor communication between the writer and support team, and the client. For example, if the instruction isn’t clear or if it is impossible to get in touch with the client via phone or message. reserve the right to consider waiting time when seeing a reply from the client about the time delivery compensation.

  1. A refund is requested due to plagiarism. Plagiarism is producing work that is someone else’s and passing it off as your own by incorporating it into the work without acknowledging it.

For plagiarism refund requests, the client needs to provide a Turnitin report showing plagiarism. It’s important to consider, however, that citations and references might identify as plagiarism when they’re not because they are referenced.

Usually, the uniqueness required on a paper is decided by the customer’s educational establishment. If a particular threshold is required (e.g. a uniqueness of 95%) then this should be specified in the customer’s initial instructions.

  1. The customer requires a refund due to not achieving the expected grade. It must be considered that our writers cannot guarantee a paper will receive a specific grade. If a student receives negative feedback for the paper, they need to upload it under the order number they’re disputing and send a message to the support team about it.
  2. provides a two-week grace period after clients have approved their paper for them to check that it has met all of the necessary requirements.
  3. Cancelling an order after a writer has been assigned. If a customer has already been assigned a writer but wishes to cancel their order,  can issue a partial refund based on how much work has already been completed. This amount is calculated by the Dispute Management department.

Refund requests that are approved will be issued within five business days. Once issued, they may take another three to five business days to reach the client’s own account.

Here are , we take pride in excellent customer service and value all of our customers. The only information we need when you request a refund is the reason for your request. This information is pivotal in us helping you with your situation.

We look forward to working with you further. Thank you for using the service.